Arden Forest Honey

When we first met Steve and Esme and began tasting their range of single origin, untreated, cold filtered and 100% raw honey, we were spoiled for choice. Wildflower, Echium, Spring, Heather, Meadowfoam? In the end, it had to be borage, for two main reasons. Firstly, it tastes delicious. Secondly, borage - also known as starflower and often used in the health and beauty industry - is found growing extensively in Warwickshire, so much so that many other beekeepers who want to capture its unique flavour relocate their hives to the region for the pollination season.

Steve’s variety is light in colour, with a delicate and mild taste that goes perfectly with ice cream, in a cup of tea or - in our case - drizzled over the cheeses in your hamper. If you haven’t tried the salty delight of cheese with the sweet taste of honey, you really don’t know what you are missing. Once the bees have foraged, the honey is collected from over 400 hives, located across Warwickshire, to be extracted and placed in jars by hand: a true labour of love.