Berkswell Cheese

In the world of British cheese, there’s probably only one thing more distinctive than the shape of Berkswell Cheese, and that’s the taste. Looking like a UFO, its unusual shape comes from been moulded in a kitchen colander. With a natural rind that is edible and slightly chewy, the texture is firm, dense and granular, making it one of the finest examples of a British ewes’ milk cheese. As such, it is often compared to its famous Spanish sister, Manchego, and the similarities are evident.

Berkswell is produced in the company’s dairy at Ram Hall Farm, part of the Berkswell Estate, using only milk from their own flock of 450 Friesland sheep, and entirely handmade by a small and dedicated team. Its taste profile matches perfectly to the sweetness of the borage honey; dried fruit and nuts can also be added for a mini-feast, drizzled with sweetness.