Droitwich Salt

The brine springs have existed naturally beneath Droitwich Spa for millions of years and have proved to be worth their salt since at least 1215, when King John granted the town a Royal Charter, making it one of the most prosperous in Medieval England.

The 20th century saw a steady decline until Will and Gillian Kerton revived Churchfields Saltworks to combine their family farming business with what has become a gourmet and award-winning natural salt producer.

Teaming up with Brad Carter, the Michelin-starred chef at Carter’s in the newly-gentrified Birmingham suburb of Moseley, the company have produced Charcoal Droitwich Salt: containing natural brine salt, charcoal, black trumpet mushroom and garlic, it adds punch to a Bloody Mary as well as being a wicked accompaniment to a great steak.

Use sparingly!

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