Easing Hill Vineyard

The English are taking on the French when it comes to top-notch sparkling wines, and at Easing Hill in the picturesque Teme Valley, dentists-turned-winemakers Judith and Tim Davies have combined Seyval and Phoenix grapes to conjure up a light and delicately balanced ‘fizz’ with subtle notes of green apples, pears and peaches: the perfect celebration and special occasion wine.

From the unsprayed vines and the way they plant, prune and collect the grapes to the solar energy used in the production process, Easing Hill epitomises the concept of sustainability.

The two-and-a-half acre vineyard has a long history of wine-making, dating at least as far back as monks from the Worcester Diocese, and even perhaps to the Romans.

But what have they ever done for us…?

A taste of Worcestershire