Food trends: Chocolate

So, what comes first when you are buying chocolate, either as a gift for someone you love or as an indulgent treat for yourself?

Great taste, of course. A new survey by market research specialists Opinium* found that 89% of consumers said ‘taste’ was the number one priority when purchasing chocolate. A further 78% of respondents stated ‘high-quality ingredients’ as also being important to them. Other key considerations included ‘something the whole family can enjoy’ (61%), ‘ingredients from sustainable sources’ (58%), and 'no artificial ingredients' (57%).

Which means, we are delighted to say, that we are firmly on-trend, having chosen Henley Chocolates as our chocolate supplier for our Warwickshire and Worcestershire launch hampers.

As well as producing delicious-tasting chocolates (what else would you expect?), the company’s mantra is that their products are ‘real, sustainable and fun.’

Real: meaning ingredients that are grown not manufactured (including fruit from local gardens and allotments) and working in conjunction with local suppliers such as St. Maur, Shakespeare Distillery and Droitwich Salt.

Sustainable: working from a solar-powered production unit, using recyclable packaging material, and buying cocoa grown in the shade of the rainforest canopy and purchased through a company that works with growers’ co-operatives.

Fun: working with a great team, having a laugh and joke with their customers, and producing wonderful made-for-sharing chocolates that put a smile on everybody’s face.

Chocolate isn't just for Christmas. It's for life.

*Opinium survey of 2000 adults over the age of 18, published September 2021.