Food trends: sustainability

The sustainability issue has grown to become more than the latest buzzword to take the food sector by storm. It’s a full-blown movement now, shaping real change across the industry in the long term.

Indeed, the number of people buying food and drink based on a product or company’s sustainability credentials has risen 25% in the last two years, making it the fastest-growing purchase consideration according to research by Ecotone UK. Far from being a niche category, 40% of consumers consider themselves ‘sustainable shoppers’ the researchers found.

Price and quality are still the top factors that consumers mull over when buying food and drink, but with two-thirds now saying they would spend more for sustainable goods, the tide is turning.

Research by GlobalData meanwhile has shown that for many consumers, health and sustainability are becoming synonymous as they look for products that support a healthy body and healthy planet. Their surveys found health and wellbeing were key drivers for purchases for 45% of UK consumers, while more than two-thirds of UK consumers found sustainably or ethically-sourced ingredients appealing.

We’re pleased to say that at British Regional Hampers, we are more than doing our bit.

For instance, prioritising seasonal and local products is vital. By sourcing delicious local food and drink, we’re cutting travel emissions and supporting the local economy over faceless big brands - a win-win for the environment. And it goes without saying that quality food and drink products, produced by passionate artisan producers using local and sustainable ingredients and sources, are healthier both for people and the planet.

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