Henley Kitchen & Bakery

When you have a superb local bakery on your doorstep, it makes perfect sense to utilise their skills to the best advantage. We commissioned Richard and his team to come up with our trademark Cheese Logs: a slice of Fowler’s Triple X mature cheddar cheese shortbread dough that you pop into the oven once you have opened our gift box, ready to serve warm alongside the rest of our choices. It even comes wrapped in greaseproof paper overprinted with simple cooking instructions.

If you’re visiting Henley-in-Arden meanwhile, pop into the bakery for homemade bread, cakes, pies and pastries, a deli selling local produce, and a welcoming café with indoor and outdoor seating.

We are glad to say Richard and his team will also be making our Cheese Logs for each new hamper with a regional cheese of choice.