Lea & Perrins

Ok, so not all of our producers fit into the small artisan category, but you can’t have a Bloody Mary without the original Worcestershire Sauce, made by Lea & Perrins: much-imitated but never bettered. First made in 1837, the expert blend of ingredients takes 18 months to mature to give it that unique flavour beloved by chefs and bartenders alike.

Our Bloody Mary recipe includes Big Tom - an interloper from Suffolk admittedly but the best spicy tomato juice we know - together with two other local favourites, Wildjac Fresh Citrus Vodka from Bewdley and an astonishing find from Droitwich Salt which combines the flavours of natural brine, charcoal, black trumpet mushroom and garlic, from a recipe developed in conjunction with Michelin-starred chef Brad Carter.

Hangover? What hangover?

The ultimate Bloody Mary