Media: Sunday Telegraph

Writes Xanthe Clay (Sunday 21st November): “There are plenty of posh ready-made hampers available, but too many turn out to be disappointing once the astonishing amounts of packaging have been dispensed with, with predictable long shelf-life boxes and jars.”

From the wide range of “creative ready-made hampers” on the market, Xanthe chose four to recommend: one Indian, one Italian, one Greek… and ours.

“Want to celebrate the fare of a particular part of England?” she asks. “British Regional Hampers is for you.”

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With over 20 years of experience as a Telegraph columnist, chef and food writer, Xanthe Clay is an expert in everything from roasting a Christmas turkey to baking the perfect loaf of bread. Xanthe can often be found taking a deep-dive into topical issues such as ethical farming and sustainability, as well as regularly answering reader questions in her Ask Xanthe column.