Putting the sparkle back into Christmas

With Christmas 2020 effectively cancelled for many people, this year we share a pent-up need to party, and cocktails will be high on the list of at-home entertainment, with sparkling wine and fizz- and flavoured-spirits and liqueurs taking a front seat again after missing out last year.

Premium drinks offer a chance for us to enjoy the finer things in life and to share with others. This year, choose a few drinks that are different and have a try at making some cocktails to add sparkle to your party. Even better, seek out drinks that actually contain sparkle!

Prosecco is often just cheap pop, and Champagne can be over-priced or over-rated. There are some fabulous English sparkling wines to de discovered. People don’t want to see the usual suspects; instead, they’ll be turning to drinks that offer a story, something new, and are seen as a treat.

There is a huge trend this year in consumers trading up and buying better. After the year that was 2020, people deserve to drink and eat well, and have fun.

Lewis Bowen, strategic group director at drinks brand specialists Babco UK

Christmas hamper selections