The Outdoor Pig Company

Is there anything more British than a pork pie? And will you ever find one tastier than those produced by this wonderfully-named company? There’s a reason they keep on winning, year after year, at the British Pie Awards.

The Outdoor Pig Company primarily sells wholesale to leading butchers and farm shops in the Midlands, several of whom then go on to own-brand the products, which could explain why their name is not a household one. It’s also one of the reasons why we feel exceptionally proud that they have teamed up with us for our Warwickshire selection - which also includes the company’s honey and mustard roast ham, another winner.

Around the Midlands, you will find The Outdoor Pig Company selling and promoting their range of pig-related produce - pies, hams, sausages and bacon - at food festivals from May to September. And if you live in the area, you can also hire them for wedding, party or corporate catering. If not, enjoy a real taste of Warwickshire pig courtesy of us.