The ultimate Bloody Mary

It was invented in 1921 by a bartender in Paris, and over the course of its 100-year history, the Bloody Mary has stood the test of time.

Pairing vodka and tomato juice was a whim of Fernand Petiot of Harry’s Bar in the French capital, but it wasn’t until 1937 that the third key ingredient - Lea & Perrins’ Worcestershire Sauce - was added to the recipe.

Buy our New Year hamper and we can promise you the ultimate Bloody Mary.

New Year’s Eve of course is the time to celebrate. But what about when you’re feeling a little worse for wear the morning after?

That’s why our hamper - as well as some delicious smoked salmon and caviar – includes the ultimate hangover cure. A simply amazing product that we discovered in the Isle of Wight this summer but saved for New Year's Day - Black Garlic Vodka! This will make the best Bloody Mary you will ever taste: a meal in a glass, especially when combined with The Smokey Carter's Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce that allows you to add as much heat as you want. A drizzle of Worcestershire Sauce, a sprinkle of Charcoal Salt with more garlic, black trumpet mushrooms and charcoal, add the Big Tom Tomato Juice and we challenge you to not be impressed!

Hangover? What hangover?

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