About Us

Who we are

Self-taught chef, gourmet caterer and all-round foodie Kate and her travel journalist husband Paul returned to the UK after 20-plus years working in Cyprus, the Middle East and most recently Portugal to continue their passion for food, travel and all things local. Joining the team as CTO is another Paul, who has worked with the couple for the last 15 years and is the man responsible for not only the website but our lovely design. 

After a decade running the leading catering company in the Algarve, with clients such as Marcus Wareing, Take That, Premier League footballers and Fortune 500 CEOs, Kate’s obsession for food and drink led her to realise that whilst the UK is full of amazing produce, magazines littered with sumptuous photos, and social media inundated with picture after picture of food and travel experiences, the reality of finding it once back in the UK was actually quite difficult.

“Farmers’ markets and local farm shops are an option,” says Kate, “but of course they only sell produce from your region. How do you eat amazing Worcestershire food if you live in Somerset? How do you discover that extraordinary British wine when production only extends to 1500 bottles a year? Where do you find the incredible-tasting salt, produced for centuries, but that has been reborn and refined by a Michelin chef to produce stunning dishes you can re-create at home? Or just simply a unique and sustainable gift for someone you care about?”

The answer is an expertly chosen and beautifully presented hamper that showcases the best local produce from the UK's regions. One that changes each month, and one that will tempt you to come and explore each area.

Tales from the producers are an essential part of what we do, and each regional hamper is accompanied by an online blog telling their stories. In the Warwickshire hamper we have the oldest cheesemaker in the UK making a very special cheese, wine produced from grapes grown on land once owned by Shakespeare’s family, a lady from Coventry picking runner beans from local allotments to make a chutney from a recipe handed down from her grandfather who dug for victory in World War 2, and an elderflower liqueur that started life as a wedding celebration but now forms part of another new adventure for the Earl and Countess of Yarmouth.

Join Regional British Hampers on a gastronomic tour of the best of Great Britain.

What we do

British Regional Hampers showcases the best of British food and drink. Using produce from high-quality artisan and independent suppliers, each box offers an insight into the diverse regional specialities available throughout the UK.

Many of our producers work alone or in small teams, usually selling via farmers’ markets, in local shops or online. And now us, of course.

Expertly chosen and beautifully presented, the boxes are designed for all lovers of great food: as a gift for family and friends, corporate clients, or even just yourself. With each month comes a new region; with each new season comes a new idea. As we travel the country finding superb suppliers with the passion to thrive and amaze, join us on an exploration of great British food and drink. We even include a regional travel magazine and supplier guide with each hamper, which includes a profile of all our producers, plus recommendations on where to eat, shop and stay.

Best Warwickshire Hotels - British Regional Hampers - UK

The idea behind the idea

We love food. We love travel. We love the UK and its incredible diversity. So why not put them all together? There are, of course, plenty of other hamper companies out there. But not, as far as know, anybody doing it quite like us. You can buy generic hampers (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and so on). You can buy themed hampers (cheese, whisky, smoked salmon and the like). If you look hard enough, you can even buy some regional hampers. But usually only containing a limited choice of products from one region, from a hamper company specifically based in that region.

We go the extra mile. Literally. We travel the UK, meeting some fabulous people along the way who are producing amazing food and drink. We eat. We drink. We talk. And from that we put together a selection that not only we like, but we know you will too.

Proud of where you come from? Send friends and family a gift to showcase the best local produce from your region.

Planning a trip somewhere in the UK? Get in the mood by sampling the gastronomic delights waiting for you.

Something to celebrate? Let us do the hard work of planning your menu and drinks list.

Or do you simply appreciate great food and wine, and like trying something new? Then join our VIP Foodie Club and eat and drink your way around the country from the comfort of your own home.  

British Regional Hampers - UK

Join us on our great adventure as we bring you sustainable, artisan food from producers who share our passion. Let your taste buds explore the diverse landscape of the UK as you sample fabulous goodies from small suppliers who can't (or don't want to) get into the larger retail stores. In some cases, our suppliers are on their own journey that isn't always about the money or the quantity of production: it's about creating a product they love, one they are proud of, and one they are happy to invest in.

We don't beat our suppliers up on pricing: most have a wholesale price, some don't. We pay what they ask for. It's only fair. Many of our suppliers could happily sell all of their produce at local markets or farm shops, so they are doing us a huge favour by allowing us to include them in our hampers, so our supply chain is critical. Understanding how they produce, when they produce, and what their capacities are is all part of the process we have to go through.

Respect, care and partnerships. These are all great buzz-words, but they really are the core of our business model, and our suppliers are equally important to us as our clients. We hope you like what we have set out to achieve and we look forward to sharing some fantastic goodies with you as we journey through the British Isles. 

Kate and the Foodie Team, from British Regional Hampers